Post title: Academic Researcher
Responsible to: Academic Head

Role Purpose

● To be able to conduct extensive research behind BSynergetic’s aims and vision
● To be able to think creatively and innovatively to improve our services available to academics
● To be able to find relevant news, events and job openings that will be of interest to those that use our academic services
● To work with the academic head in order to make events we host a success

Personal Specification


● Extensive research background/experience/knowledge
● Ability to priorities workload
● Excellent attention to detail
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills
● Able to meet strict deadlines
● Have an understanding of the legal and financial sectors

Personal characteristics/other requirements

● Passionate about helping the Muslim community
● Team Player
● Enthusiasm
● Highly Organized
● Excellent Punctuality
● Able to conduct high quality statistical analysis and present data graphically
● Strong network to attract academic attention