11 easy tips to Ace a job interview

Job interviews can be scary... really scary. Here are eleven things you should do to ace it!

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Report 14 Aug 2021
job interview
Job Interview

The interview stage is the first impression that a potential employer will have of you. It’s your chance to sell yourself and show them why they should hire you over all the other qualified candidates. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to ace a job interview, so you can increase your chances of getting hired!

Tip #01: Research the company

Job interviews are a two-way street. You have to sell them on you, but they also need to be able to sell themselves back to you. If you know all about the company and their culture ahead of time, then it will help your interview go more smoothly because they’ll already feel like they’re getting someone who’s really interested in what their business offers.

Tip #02: Dress appropriately for the job position

Dressing inappropriately during an interview can make people think that if you don’t take care of how dressed up or not dressed up you are at an interview, then maybe there are other aspects of your life where this might apply. It never hurts to err on the side of dressing up a little bit more for a job interview because it can make you feel better about yourself and impress the interviewer with how professional you are.

Tip #03: Be confident, but not too pushy

You want to leave a job interview feeling like they really enjoyed meeting you, that means being friendly and outgoing without crossing over into ‘pushy’ territory. You don’t want them to get defensive or think that you’re someone who wouldn’t be able to work well with others if this interview doesn’t end in a job offer.

Tip #04: Don’t lie about your skillset during interviews

Even though we all know there’s some degree of lying when interviewing for a job interview, you don’t want to be one of those people who has too many lies because it could come back and bite you later. You may even get the offer if there’s a way that they can work around your skillset in order to fill the position.

For example, if you’re interviewing for an accounting job but couldn’t balance your own chequebook, then fess up! If the job interview doesn’t result in an offer from them, then at least feel good about yourself knowing that you were honest instead of continuing on with something where both parties are going to end up unhappy.

Tip #05: Know what interview questions YOU need to ask

You may feel like the job interview is just about them grilling your brain, but it’s also an opportunity for you to grill their company. Ask all of the interview questions that will help both parties understand if this job would be a good match for you and vice versa.

Tip #07: Be confident in yourself!

One of the best ways to really ace any job interview is by being confident in who you are as a person. You want them to see how great of a person they’re hiring from day one. That starts with feeling excited or even nervous and not letting those emotions show on your face or during the interview process itself. Keep smiling because interviews succeed when interviewees do.

Tip #08: Ask for advice when you need it!

One of the most difficult things about a job interview is feeling like there’s something that you’re not understanding or don’t know how to answer, and this can happen in many different ways (asking questions about their company culture, learning more about a potential job position). Asking them if they have any specific advice on how to answer one particular interview question will show them that you value both their opinion as well as your own time during the interview process. It also shows them that even though this may be stressful for anyone interviewing for a job, we all want to succeed at this endeavour and are willing to put the work into making sure we do.

Tip #09: Laugh at interview jokes!

Interviewees get so nervous and sometimes interviewers can tell when they’re trying to remain serious or professional in order to make a good impression, but this is the time for fun and laughter. They want you to have a sense of humour because that’s how people know that you’ll be able to work well with others if hired on as an employee – plus it makes them more excited about hiring someone who will fit right in from day one instead of feeling like they just met their new employee yesterday.

Tip #10: Be attentive during the interview process

The interview doesn’t start after the job offer has been extended; the interview starts way before then. Being attentive and making good eye contact during the interview process will show them how you are able to fully commit yourself emotionally to this job if hired on as an employee, which is something they want for all of their employees.

Tip #11: Body language counts!

If interviewers don’t have any other way of knowing your personality than through body language (and let’s face it, that’s what we’re left with a lot of times because there isn’t much time or opportunity for back and forth conversation) then make sure your body language says the right things about who you are as a person. Make direct eye contact, maintain good posture, smile often without being too fake (unless it comes naturally), and stay calm.

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