Why are your graduate job plans not working out? 5 important Tips to fix everything you are doing wrong.

How to land your first job after graduating

By Bsyn Support

Report 19 Nov 2021

Has graduate job-hunting been a nightmare for you? You’ve applied for hundreds of positions, but have only received one interview. This blog post is going to give you the advice on how to fix everything that’s been wrong with your job hunt so far!

Why are your graduate job plans not working out?
Why are your graduate job plans not working out? 5 important Tips to fix everything you are doing wrong. 1

Step 1: Be on LinkedIn

The first step is to be on LinkedIn. You need a professional profile and you should have activated the job alerts so that they send you an email whenever there’s a new job posted in your field of work. This way, at least once or twice a day, you will receive an email with all the jobs available for graduates from your field of study and it’ll be much easier for you to apply for them!

Step 2: Double check your CV

Next tip is about making sure that your resume looks good when applying online. If this isn’t done properly then employers are more likely not to even look at it! So make sure that:

  • Your skills match what employers are looking for
  • It has no typos or grammatical mistakes
  • Your objectives match what you want to do in your career
  • You’ve included a cover letter with it

Use our free CV checker to see if there any improvement to be made!

Step 3: Network

The third step is about networking. There are plenty of graduate job opportunities available through personal connections and people that work for the company, so make sure to try to find someone who works there or knows someone who does!

Then, once you have found out more information on how they recruit employees at this specific company, make sure that:

  • Your LinkedIn profile matches their requirements fully (including having your CV attached)
  • That your resume has been tailored specifically for them as well as including any letters of recommendation from teachers who can speak highly of you. It’s important not just because it will help get an interview but also because if they invite you in for an interview, it will be much easier to show the person who interviews you your best qualities.

Step 4: Cover Letters

Next up is tackling cover letters. These are just as important as a resume when applying online because they are often what gets someone’s attention and makes them think “I want this candidate!” Make sure that:

  • You place any relevant information about why you’re interested in the position at the top of your letter
  • The tone should sound personalised and not generic with stiff language like “In my opinion” or “It would be a pleasure”. It’s also important to keep these concise! Employers reading hundreds of these emails may start getting annoyed if yours goes on too long
  • You’ve updated all contact details on the letter
  • It’s well-written and you’ve used perfect spelling

Step 5: Interview

The final step is about going in for an interview. Make sure that:

  • You spend time researching what questions they may be asking beforehand so it won’t come as a surprise when someone asks them! They might even ask something like “What are your opinions on X?” or “Explain Y”. Prepare answers to these questions ahead of time by looking up this information online (or talking to people who work at the company)
  • You’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. That includes wearing clothes that fit nicely, not too tight or baggy but also paying attention to shoes
  • Make sure you do everything possible before arriving like getting directions so you know how to get there, researching the company so that it’ll be easier when talking about them and preparing any questions they might ask you.

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