5 job interview things to avoid

Sometimes the mistakes you make are so small you don't realise it has jeopardised your opportunity, find out here what NOT to do.

By Lenayah Brown

Report 25 Oct 2021

During a job interview It’s important to have a good attitude and display professionalism, but it can be hard to avoid mistakes. Job seekers often make many common mistakes that they could easily avoid if they knew about them beforehand. Remember this is the first impression your employer will get from you and what will differentiate you from other applicants therefore you have to make it count.

5 job interview things to avoid 1

Here are five things you should always avoid at the job interview:


Arguably one of the worst things you can do at a job interview is display arrogance or a lack of respect for your interviewer. It always portrays yourself as immature – be confident to keep the employer comfortable, but not so confident as to come across as arrogant.

Lack of eye contact with interviewer:

This portrays to the employer that you are shy, lack leadership skills and unable to carry out forefront tasks. This has a negative impact on your chances of receiving placements as the employer will doubt your capabilities and it also shows that you are uninterested in the job – employers are looking for someone who is ready and passionate, your eyes play a big part in displaying this!

Negative comments:

It reflects very poorly on your personality if you go into an interview bad mouthing previous employers, it is very unprofessional and will make employers think you could do the same about them which will never be their objective.

The same can also be said about negative comments toward yourself, don’t state that you don’t enjoy certain jobs or tasks, and don’t say you’re bad at anything particular as it will make you seem like an unambitious defeatist. Instead, if you are asked, try saying you have had difficulty with certain tasks in the past but are open and wanting to develop yourself in that area.

Talking too much about money:

Talking about money reveals your personality and why you applied for the job. Employers want to know that you have a general interest in the role you applied for as people with a passion for their job tend to carry out their required work way more than those who just applied to receive a salary.

Keep your hands visible at all times (no hiding them in pockets!):

Again, this displays shyness to employers which is one thing you want to avoid during an interview as it will make you seem too reserved and unlikely to be a good team worker even if the opposite might be true.

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