6 Easy Tips to Ace any Graduate Job Interview

How to Seek a Job Amidst Uncertain Times?

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Report 21 Apr 2021
Graduate Student Job

Scanning for a new job can be a daunting process for many. Now, with an ongoing pandemic kindling massive commercial disruption, it can feel even more terrifying. So how can you find an excellent graduate job amidst uncertain times?

Graduate Job Interview

1) Decide what Kind of Job you Want

Before you apply for the respective position, check out whether it matches your interests and future goals. By doing this, you save yourself valuable time and streamline your career goals. The best way to do this would be to look at the graduate job description you intend to apply for and take into account the critical aspects of the job. This will also help you determine what skills you need before applying for a job, therefore increasing your chances when you apply and go for an interview!

2) Research About the Company

It should always be your initial step to research the company. The interviewer will expect you to know some insight about the company and what it does. Doing appropriate research about the company will help you present yourself better as a professional and leave a good impression on the interviewer.

3) Practice for the Interview

Whether it’s an online interview or a face-to-face one, practising beforehand for it will always benefit you. Practice answers for commonly asked questions like “Describe yourself as a professional” or “What are your positives and negatives?”. Let a friend interview you for practice because practice makes perfect. Ask them to point out your shortcomings and help you understand where you can improve.

4) Know and Apply the STAR Method

Many hiring managers ask behavioural questions, during a graduate job interview to observe how candidates handle everyday situations in the workplace. To answer these questions effectively, you must know the STAR method. It involves discussing the situation, task, action, and outcome. Begin by explaining the situation’s context, then discuss your role, in this circumstance. Lastly, reflect on the action you took to overcome the challenge and the result of your efforts.

5) Dressing is Crucial

The first impression is the last, and you don’t want it to be wrong. In general, you want to dress formally for your interview as it is the best way to look presentable in front of an employer. In general, for professional interviews, men usually wear a dark suit and tie. While women mostly wear dark suits with dark pants or a skirt. You should also restrict accessories; you should aim to look well-groomed.

6) Ask Questions

Most people don’t take this approach and ask questions at the end of the interview. After being asked, “Do you have any questions in mind.” they usually avoid asking questions. To ace your job interview, you need to avoid this approach. Ask the interviewers questions relevant to the job you’re applying for; for essence, “What is the average workday like?”.

Furthermore, you can ask the hiring team whether they have any reservations about your job application. Avoid asking questions related to the salary and how frequently you will get a pay raise. Or how many leaves will you be allowed annually? These questions can present you as an unprofessional person. Besides, all these questions can be answered by your head later after you’ve joined. Still, if you ask them before getting accepted, you risk getting rejected by the interviewers.

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