7 of the best blogs for students

Blogs that may well help you throughout your University journey

By Bsyn Support

Report 19 Oct 2021
During your free time at university, you may be looking for some decent blogs tailored for your student experience. Well look no further we have done it for you. We have surfed the internet to bring you the best blogs for students.
Blogs for students
7 of the best blogs for students 1

Save The Student

Save the student is a platform that provides students with blogs, if you love to read, check out this blog for great insights. Save the Student features some of the best tips and tricks you can find for uni life. From insight for first-years on how to adapt to independent living to employment part-time if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Warwick Careers Blog

Whilst many universities can be rather inaccessible in the information they provide to prospective students, the University of Warwick has produced a blog that is incredibly easy to access, thanks to the ‘Helpful Resources’ section that is featured in the header. You can find out more about Warwick’s Careers blog on the site itself.

INTO Study Blog

INTO Study Blog was made just for you. INTO study blogs are an easy way to review a university assignment or important course reading. They offer not only some of the best reading plans for reading assignments but also very thorough assignments for specific classes. INTO makes the reader feel a little more comfortable when they have to read material for a university class for the first time. They also provide great insights for students who are from abroad but are studying in the UK.

Blog 4: Homes for Students

Homes for Students is your one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want to know about student housing and services. They also have great blog content on real estate and apartment search. They have content related to student housing, but also great blog content on apartment hunting, the pros and cons of renting a house and finding a rental that’s right for you.

Blog 5: Student Hacks

Student Hacks is the student version of Student Hacks, a blog with reviews of everything from food delivery services, health, science and other topics. Even if you’re not interested in any particular topic, Student Hacks is a great way to learn some new tips and tricks from other students that are going through the exact same things you are. Student Hacks is a blog about stuff that doesn’t immediately seem like something that would interest you but may have huge implications in the future, such as robotics, space travel or something like a self-driving car.

Blog 6: The Student Minds

The Student Minds is a very popular student-focused blog. With multiple posts per week and enough topics to keep anyone’s ears ringing, The Student Minds has everything you could ever need from an awesome blog. But don’t take our word for it. They have reviews of all the latest school supplies and useful tips for university life.

Blog 7: The Mature Student

The Mature Student is a personal study blog that focuses on the inane musings of a mature speech and language therapy university student, lacking in both maturity and studiousness. It is aimed at older students but is open to all. This is a great idea especially because there arent many platforms tailored for the mature student experience, so check it out.

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