7 great personality traits every graduate should display

Find out who you want to be after university, and become the best person you can be!

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Report 9 Nov 2021

When graduating from university, your life gets thrown into disarray. You may struggle with not knowing what you want to do, but more importantly, you may struggle with not knowing who you want to be. This insight will give you a brief guide suggesting which personality traits you should build up and develop once you leave university.

Personality trait

1. Kindness

Make sure to be kind and treat others well! A lot of people end up changing once they graduate from university with some becoming ruthless and determined to get straight into the career they studied so hard for, this sometimes comes at the cost of their friendships, kindness, and even morality. Stepping up to where you want to be in life is fine, just don’t go out of your way to step on other people’s toes to get there! Being kind to others can lead to fruitful relationships which could end up benefitting your career in the long run.

2. Transparency

Being transparent with others essentially means being honest with others around you. There is nothing worse than lying or exaggerating yourself to a potential employer or colleague and then being found out and exposed. Being transparent also refers to your ability to communicate things clearly to the people you work with – be it your ambitions, your ability to tackle certain tasks etc…

3. Inquisitive

Being inquisitive is a great personality trait to have as it means always asking questions of others as well as always being willing to learn new things. Learning creates knowledge, and knowledge creates expertise. Having expertise in various areas will make you an extremely valuable acquisition for both employers and potential future employers. Questioning everything shows you are constantly thinking about ‘what if’ – making you seem analytical.

4. Motivated

Every employer loves to see a motivated individual. Someone who is always wanting to improve and succeed will attract attention more than someone who is stagnant and unbothered. Motivation can also be infectious, allowing it to spread to others you work with, increasing the quality and quantity of work you can produce.

5. Keen Networker

As a graduate, networking is essential as it expands your list of connections and potential futures. Spending time to discuss and network with others can be beneficial in terms of seeking employment as well as in terms of gathering people who may be valuable for the work you do in future i.e. as clients, contractors, etc…

6. Confidence

Displaying confidence is important as it gives the employer the impression that you are a capable individual who is able to handle anything thrown at them. However, it isn’t just important to appear confident, you have to also be somewhat confident in your abilities and what you can actually do. Never operate from a position of fear! This is also important to note when searching for jobs. You shouldn’t force yourself to apply for lesser jobs simply because you’re scared to apply for what you truly wish to do. Be confident when going for what you want.

7. Humbleness

Being humble is an important trait to have. Not only does it make you seem more genuine and likeable, but it also makes you a more desirable person to work with. Nobody wants to work with someone who is cocky and thinks of themself as untouchable or indispensable.

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