The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code

Learning how to code can be tiresome and challenging especially if you don't have much free time at home. Make it easier by learning through some of the best coding apps around!

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Featured 12 Jan 2022
Coding Apps

Introduction to Coding Apps

Knowing how to code is a great skill to have in the modern day and is essential for most IT related jobs. Whether you wish to learn because you are simply interested in the world of coding or because you want a long-term career in an IT related field, this insight will highlight some of the best apps out there for learning how to code.

1- SoloLearn

Founded in 2014, SoloLearn is an online and mobile learning platform which offers free classes in various coding disciplines. Currently, it has over 20 million learners and over 1,000 courses. Some courses they offer include the basics such as: Python, C++, Java, C#, Javascript, HTML, SQL, and CSS. However, they also have courses for some of the lesser known coding areas such as Swift 4, R, and Kotlin.

Most importantly, all courses are FREE!

SoloLearn Coding App
The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 1
SoloLearn Coding App logo
The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 2

2- Programming Hero

Founded in Bangladesh, Programming Hero‘s goal is to help those who want to develop their programming skills. They do this whilst trying to offer an enjoyable learning experience. Programming hero provides you with a pretty comprehensive learning experience and will help you to understand the fundamentals of coding.

The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 3

3- Mimo

Mimo is a great little coding companion app to have. The app contains Bite-size exercises (which users can complete with real code and immediate feedback), a Code playground (where users can experiment with examples, write and run code, and save your projects), and have Streaks (where users set a daily goal and maintain a streak to make a habit of coding regularly).

The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 4

4- Programming Hub

Programming hub is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a hub of programming courses and resources, and a very extensive one at that! Programming hub has a huge database of free and paid courses from all kinds of programming disciplines.

The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 5
The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 6

5- Grasshopper

The grasshopper app is a great coding tool to use if you’re learning coding from scratch without any prior knowledge. The app will teach you some of the basic fundamentals in an easy to digest manner.

The 8 Best Coding Apps for learning how to Code 7

6- Encode

The Encode: Learn to Code mobile app is a decent tool to use if you wish to practice your coding skills. Not only does it have mini lessons, but also daily challenges which help you to develop your skills further and keep you practicing.

7- Enki

Enki separates itself a little bit somewhat from the rest of the coding apps on this list as it is a paid service that comes in the form of two packages. The first is a $50 a year payment which gives you access to a community as well as lessons. However, if you wish for a more traditional learning experience you will have to fork out $350 a year to be enrolled into a specific coding camp. Additionally, Enki offers its services not only to individuals but also teams/companies.

8- Codecademy Go

Codecademy is somewhat similar to Enki in that it is a paid service which is offered to individuals as well as teams. Members with standard free accounts are able to access only the most basic content, however Pro members (who are required to pay £15.99 a month) will be able to access all the necessary knowledge required to become a full-stack engineer, front-end engineer, data scientist etc…

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