New Job? 5 big things you need to consider

A guide to starting a new job provides an overview of what to expect in your first few weeks of employment. It also includes advice for how to get started, what you can do on the job, and how you can

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Report 2 Nov 2021

What to Expect When Starting a New Job?

Making a good first impression is important when you are starting a new job. Here are some tips to help you out!

Start by being on time. Arriving late can make your boss think that you are unreliable and not take you seriously. Be friendly, but don’t be too familiar. They may not want to hear personal stories about your life or friends right away, but it will help them get to know you better if they ask.

Ask questions while listening carefully for the answers. This will show that you are interested in working hard and shows initiative while also showing that they should be talking more about their goals with the company. Speak up when necessary but take care not to speak out of turn or interrupt someone unnecessarily – this will make other employees think.

New Job

Know Your Role and Understand the Organization’s Culture

The first step to an internship is to know your role and understand the organization’s culture. It is important to know what you will be doing, how the office operates, and who you will be reporting to. It will help you understand where you fit in and what your role is.

Knowing your role and understanding the organization’s culture will help you become a better employee as well as a future promotion candidate by demonstrating competence.

Build Relationships with Your Colleagues and Be a Team Player

To build relationships with your colleagues, you have to be a team player, which means being helpful to them in their work. This can mean carrying out tasks they are unable to finish due to lack of time, offering assistance when they need help, and suggesting new ideas for their work when appropriate.

Learn the Facts of Your Company’s Culture and Avoid Missteps

We know what you’re thinking. Your company values are so obvious, they just need to be posted on the website somewhere. And your HR person probably already spoke about them in orientation, so they’re even more clear. Right?

Not quite. Recent studies show that only 70% of employees understand the company values of their organization. While others might have a vague idea, there can still be some significant gaps in knowledge. And while some people might think it’s not important to know the details of your company culture, it actually matters a lot more than you think!

Cultural quirks in any company are what make it unique. They are what show the company’s personality and make it stand out from its competitors. But some of these traits, while making for great conversation over lunch, can cause serious problems if not handled correctly in a professional setting.

Learn the facts of your company’s culture and stop yourself from committing faux pax.

Get Comfortable Working in Office Space and Informing Your Family & Friends of Your New Position

The first step to getting comfortable in an office space is to set up your office. You should research what you need for work (whether it be a chair, desk, computer, etc) and find the best price.

It is important to know what kind of personality you have and what kind of environment would suit you best. For example, if you’re an introvert, a cubicle might be a perfect option for you because it gives privacy and noise will not distract you as much as other open spaces. If you’re extroverted or enjoy being around people all the time, an open space with lots of conversations might be more suitable for your personality type.

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