Dry January 2022: What Is It And Best Ways To Complete The Month

What is Dry January and how do you take part? Read this article for tips and tricks on completing a whole month of sobriety!

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Report 29 Dec 2021

After the Christmas holidays full of drinking and eating, not to mention the rest of the year full of alcohol consumption, participating in Dry January can be one of the best ways to get your life and your health back on track!

Dry January
Dry January 2022: What Is It And Best Ways To Complete The Month 1

What is Dry January?

Dry January is a public health campaign started by the charity Alcohol Change UK in 2014. Taking part in the campaign involves participants going alcohol-free for the whole month of January. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the harms of alcohol on our physical and mental health and to discourage drinking in a harmful and risky manner.

The idea behind Dry January is not about depriving or making people give up something, but rather it’s about getting back. Getting back the you that has energy, fun, calm without the need for alcohol.

Why is it a good idea?


Once taking part, you’ll likely see some immediate changes to your body and your lifestyle. Some physical changes may be better sleep, clearer skin and more energy. You’ll also probably see your wallet get fatter and your waistline get slimmer with more time to focus on other productive tasks!


Dry January can be an important opportunity for you to analyse how much you drink and what your relationship with alcohol is. In the long-term, this can help you to take alcohol in more moderation in the future. According to studies undertaken by the University of Sussex, more than 70% of people who participated in Dry January are still drinking more healthily six months later.

With drinking more healthily, comes lots of long-term health benefits. Over 60 different health conditions are linked to excessive alcohol consumption, some of which include liver disease, high blood pressure, at seven different types of cancer.

Tips & Tricks

1. Get rid of all alcohol

The best thing you can do during the month is to remove any easy access to alcohol. That means removing all alcohol from your home so that you aren’t tempted by the sight of alcohol. If you’re living with other people, ask them to not leave their drinks out in the open if possible.

2. Treat yourself to alternatives

During the month you are bound to find yourself in situations where you crave a drink. Take this opportunity to replace it with other treats, whether it be a mocktail, chocolate, sweets etc. Some people also like to take the money they would’ve spent on alcohol and save it in a pot to buy themselves something nice such as a new pair of shoes!

3. Keep yourself busy!

We all know that drinking with your friends can be a fun social event, but now that you’ve quit drinking it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too! Make plans with your friends to do things not related to alcohol like eating out at a restaurant or going to the cinema!

You could also try getting stuck in some personal hobbies or projects that you’ve put on the back burner such as learning the guitar or how to knit! Join local/university clubs and find new hobbies to explore!

There’s also the less fun option you can try which is getting stuck in your work/studies and developing your skills through online courses!

4. Make a plan

You may find yourself in situations where you have to go to a social at a pub, bar or club. Make a plan and decide beforehand what you want to do in the situation where alcohol presents itself. This can be ordering an alcohol free alternative, a fizzy drink or simply saying no!

Whatever you decide, make sure you are certain of your decision before entering the situation so that you don’t waver from your plan!

5. Have a support group

During the month you’re likely to find friends that aren’t taking part in Dry January. Some of those people will try persuading you to have a drink. Make Dry January easier on yourself by surrounding yourself with friends and family who will encourage and support you to keep motivated. It might even be a good idea to find a friend to go sober with so that you can push through the month together!

6. Remember your reason

Think about what your reason for doing Dry January is and write down your motivation. This will act as a reminder for yourself when you find yourself in situations where you are tempted by alcohol in front of you.

If you are looking to quit drinking in the long term, it may be important to find out what your reasons were for drinking in the first place. This may be trying to fit in, dealing with social anxiety, coping with stress etc. If you figure out your root causes and work on those problems, you may find other healthier ways to cope rather than leaning on alcohol!

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