Five Tips to Boost Your Productivity during the Pandemic.

Are You Feeling Lazy? Getting the Student or Graduate Hump? Find some useful tips below!

By Bsyn Support

Report 10 Apr 2021

The unprecedented consequences of the pandemic have left all of us whirling. Working from home has never seemed more non-productive and demotivating. Relaxing in bed all day, worrying about this deadline or that assignment will eventually become exhausting. If you’re wondering how to fix the wave of laziness that’s taken you under its influence, look no further! Follow these tips to boost your productivity and bring an end to lazy, unproductive days!

Make A Schedule and Stick to It

Every night before you go to sleep, make a schedule of what you hope to achieve the next day. Properly schedule calls, meetings, classes, and any other thing that may escape your mind later. Follow the schedule as strictly as possible, check everything you have done, and manage your time to do everything on your to-do list. Cutting tasks off the list after completing them will give you a new sense of accomplishment and productivity. Completing all the tasks you set yourself off the list will encourage you to stick to the schedule and shrug off any laziness you might be feeling.

Set Smaller Tasks to Avoid Procrastination

After you have made a to-do list, it’s time to trim it down to realistic expectations. You know yourself, and what you can achieve in a set time frame. Setting tasks like “Fix CV” or “Make a presentation” would only succeed in the delay to start. On the other hand, make sure you push yourself each day and strive to complete all the tasks on your to-do list, and set rigid deadlines. This is exceptionally important if you’re prone to procrastination and get easily intimidated by bigger, more daunting tasks.

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Take Time Out to Do What You Like

If the tasks you’re doing are tedious or tiring, it’s best to do them when you’re feeling your best. Have a substantial breakfast and set yourself a deadline to complete that task. If you feel your focus slipping, take a break and do what interests you. It could be gardening, reading a chapter from a favourite book, or baking! It is completely alright to take a break once in a while without feeling guilty. Remember to not lose yourself while relaxing!

Work at A Dedicated Workspace

It’s also crucial to condition yourself to work and only work at your dedicated workspace. Discipline yourself to never fall asleep at the desk, play games or videos, or succumb to any other distraction. Take yourself to bed when you feel sleep stealing you away. Eventually, when you sit at your desk, the only thing you would be doing is completing tasks and meeting deadlines efficiently.

Refresh Yourself with Exercise or an Entertainment Session

It’s natural to feel sleepy and tired after sitting in the same chair, holding the same position for hours. Break your working hours with a few minutes’ exercise. Stretch after every half an hour. If you feel yourself losing focus, it’s because you have been working at the same thing for hours. Take a break and get a snack, go for a run or watch a short video. Remember self-discipline and return to your task at hand after a few minutes! You will feel rejuvenated after having relaxed and will return more focused and alert to the task that needs your attention.

How did you find our tips? Let us know what you do to boost your productivity!


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