2021 simple guide for job searching as a students or fresh graduate.

Guide to securing that job search success in 2021

By Paul Wai

Report 10 Aug 2021

The Job market can be quite tough as the competition always seems to feel somewhat intense, and the pressure to find a job can be overwhelming. Job searching for fresh graduates has never been more difficult. It’s time to get up-to-date with your Job search knowledge!

In this insight, we will discuss how you can start preparing now for the Job Search of 2021 and beyond so that you’re fully prepared when the time comes around.

Job Search

When job searching you always have to consider the following:

Job Search Preparation

The earlier you start preparing for your job search, the better! Different Job Boards and Employers list a lot of jobs in advance because they know that it will be difficult to find qualified candidates at such short notice. Make sure to stay on top of job boards like Bsynergetic or CV Library so that when new opportunities come up, you get notified about these immediately! Subscribing to some via e-mail is always a good idea.

Job Search Strategy

When you start your job search, it’s important to have a strategy in place so that you can stay focused and finally land the job of your dreams! Identify what jobs are out there for fresh graduates by searching job postings on sites such as Bsynergetic, CV Library, Indeed etc… Once identified, make sure to create an appropriate resume and cover letter as well as practice interviewing skills with friends who might be able to lend you their ear for 15 minutes while asking some tough questions. Furthermore, you can always search for interview tips on sites such as YouTube or even here on Bsyn!

Check your CV

After you have gathered all your employment and educational information onto one document and laid it out in a presentable manner make sure you get a second or third opinion on the design of your resume. Ask your friends and family for feedback on improvement and also check out our free online CV checker here at Bsynergetic for a safe and secure analysis of your resume.


Networking with people who are already employed. It is always useful if you can network with individuals who have similar interests as yours and then see how their current Job search process works out – this will give you expert advice from someone in the same industry as well as an insight into what potential employers might be looking for.

Job Interviews

Job interviews for fresh graduates have become more difficult as employers are looking for candidates who can prove their worth quickly, and Job interview preparation should start at the undergraduate level so that you’re fully prepared come graduation time.


Graduate Jobs with a graduate salary! So many of us want to go into STEM fields which often pay much better than non-STEM jobs – however, if this is not what interests you then please keep in mind there are plenty of other types of graduate Job opportunities out there!

To conclude, make sure to do your homework on Job Searching now to avoid any surprises when it does. There will be opportunities everywhere once graduation hits but we don’t want those passed over because you weren’t prepared for Job hunting!

Bsynergetic is a platform that provides a hub for students and graduates who are looking to network, find new job opportunities, and develop their career skills. We do this via our online platform, app, and events at universities. If you are interested in checking out some of our other content please visit our other insights.


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