Plans of action for a new graduate in 2021

What to do after graduating from university?

By Bsyn Support

Report 11 Aug 2021

As a new graduate you might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. You’re about to enter a whole new world with all sorts of opportunities, but it can be hard to know where to start! Post-Graduate study? Starting your own business? Getting an entry-level job at Google? Wherever you end up going, the most important thing is that you have a plan. This blog post will introduce you to some possible plans and paths you could take after graduating.

Plans of action for a new graduate
Plans of action for a new graduate in 2021 1

Post graduate study:

Further study is a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. A number of career paths require/ prefer applicants with a masters or higher in order to gain entry into the industry. Check out our resources page to see the educational requirements of any career paths/ industry you are interested in.

Entry Level Job:

An entry level job can be a good way to get your foot on the ladder. It gives you some experience in an industry which may interest you, and help with future employment prospects too! Make sure that you have researched what type of jobs are available for entry-level applicants (eg internships) – not all industries offer these positions so make sure there is something suitable if this appeals to you.

Graduate Schemes:

Graduate Schemes are jobs designed specifically for training graduates in their early career. The salaries are much higher than entry level jobs and provide excellent experience into the industry you are working in. Most commonly you’ll find graduates schemes in tech, finance, engineering and public sector industries. Graduates Schemes applications open in September and end in February. It is recommended to apply early and do your research before hand on the industry you are interested on. Create your CV early and practice writing covers letter so that you don’t enter the job hunt blind. Check out our CV checker for a free online review on your CV.

Starting a business:

If the idea of setting up on your own appeals to you, then research what type of business might suit you best (eg retailing, consultancy or freelancing). There are many ways in which people succeed with small businesses so find out who does it well and why they do it. Decide whether this would work for you – don’t just jump into something without thinking about how much time and energy it will take or if there’s demand for your service. Often starting a business requires savings or investment so consider working a job to save up money before getting off the ground.

Take a break:

Some people find that they need a break after the intensity of university and their studies. Maybe you want to take a gap year, or some time off before you start your career journey. You can choose to go on holiday, travelling, or look for volunteering opportunities to try out new things. Take this time to figure out who you are, what you want out of life and explore hobbies you’ve neglected during your studies.


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