Technical Interview: A few ways improve

In this article, we will discuss the steps you should take to be extra prepared for your Technical interview and absolutely nail it!

By Saad Rahman

Report 16 Aug 2021
Technical Interview

First of all, you need to keep in mind that Technical interviews are very different from normal interviews. The reason for this is that Technical interviews rely heavily on questions that are primarily concerned with behavioural situations and just how great your skills are depending upon the problem.

After graduation, one of the first things that we all tend to do is start our job hunt. You scour the internet for roles, prepare for all of the set of questions that are to be asked fitting with your degree. However, sometimes you lack certain factors which primarily put you at risk for failing the job interview. Most of the time this is the case with Technical interviews.

If you are interested in a tech industry career, then you need to be extra careful during your interviews because you just never know what type of questions the interviewer will be asking you.

What are the questions frequently asked during a Technical Interview?

The questions frequently asked during a Technical Interview include educational, situational, technical experience, and behavioural ones which get primarily asked. The reason for this is that most tech jobs require employees who are enriched with quick and strategic thinking. No firm wants an employee who lacks these basic skills.

Other questions include asking what they know about the history of the company, their list of projects completed, and what type of work you do in your spare time.

So, first and foremost take your time. When applying for a job, the initial step is to conduct as much research as you can about the company. Their history, their current economic status, their products, their list of services, anything you can study and remember when you are in the interview. Your level of interest in the company sparks your chances of being employed.

Sharpen your brain by finding different methods to solve a problem. The interviewer will get tricky during the questioning just so he can get a chance to confuse you. He will ask you questions in such a manner that can make you unable to answer the question. To tackle this, you can do several things. When leaving for the interview, make sure that your brain is sharp and ready, by practising quick problem-solving puzzles you can make it easy for your brain to quickly absorb the situation without being confused. Avoid all distractions such as your mobile phone, etc.

Try to focus on your line of questioning then answer. Firmly, explain your answer, the more logical and thoughtful your answer is the more chances you have for standing out.

The other thing that you need to look out for is how you present your answer. If you are unable to answer it then you can say what type of work, you will put in so you can find the proper answer. This will help in attaining a proper image of you from the interviewer.


Prove yourself to the best of your abilities! The final thing would be to present yourself and your skills accordingly to the interviewer. Do your best in showcasing what you are made of. Tell them about your set of skills, what you know, and what you keen on learning while being with the company.

Be comfortable and be thoughtful. You cannot do anything if you are continuously stressed during the interview!

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