Looking For Good Accommodation? 7 things to be aware of

Searching for the right accommodation can be tough...

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Report 9 Dec 2021

What To Look For In New Accommodation

There is an increased need for students to live close by or on campus so they can easily get to lectures and access most facilities on site. Halls of residence will usually come complete with shared communal areas such as kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms, where new friends are made and nights of fun can be enjoyed…

Most halls and student houses have a weekly rent structure, where prices are based on how many people will be sharing the property. The more people in the house, the lower each individual rent will be.

This can lead to problems as it means new friends may be asked to leave if they fall behind with their payments when others in the house are able to pay and there is not enough space for them all. Renters should look at what kind of tenancy agreement they are signing up to before taking on any lodgers or flatmates as this could mean having strangers living in your home over long periods of time which could prove uncomfortable

The purpose of this article is to inform about renting students by going through potential issues that Halls of Residence offer convenience and security but there are some things you may want to consider when choosing them:

1- The length of the contract

Halls of residence are usually only available on a 12-month contract, so if you decide to go home for term-time or want to live in different accommodation next year this could be quite limiting. If possible it is worth finding out what other options are available.

2- Deposit and administration fees

Some halls will charge you upfront for admin costs incurred when you move in and pay your deposit before you have even lived there. Make sure you find this out beforehand as these charges can add up if not known about.

3- Availability of Rooms/Flatshare

This should definitely be one of the first things to consider especially if you have a preference for who your housemates might be (i.e if you want to be with your friends or are not comfortable living with strangers). Keep in mind that all halls will have different setups and areas, so it is worth finding out as much information as possible before making a decision.

4- Room size

Find out room sizes (especially when sharing) and what furniture comes included such as wardrobe space, bedside tables, etc. You may also find that some rooms come with their own bathroom which could be an attractive feature for some people. If you have any concerns about potential rooms contact the Management of the Halls/Accommodation office at the university to see if they can offer any alternatives in terms of layout and availability.

5- Electricity and water usage

Some halls may have meters to monitor utilities and charge exorbitant rates of extra costs. Make sure you know how much the living costs are before signing any contracts

6- Meal plans available

Some halls offer meal plans for a set cost which can work out cheaper than buying every single meal separately but it is good to find this out before you sign anything. Council Tax will also be payable if this service is included in your rent.

7- Security

Find out about access cards or security gates that are on-site at the student accommodation, as well as arrangements that may be put into place for car parking nearby should there not be enough space onsite. As many students do not have a car it might

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