Why LinkedIn feels like a professional Instagram?

... and not in a good way.

By Bsyn

Featured 19 Mar 2021
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Is LinkedIn just another social media app?

LinkedIn is a social media app I’ve navigated with both intrigue and confusion. When trying to learn more about getting ahead in the corporate game I was told by many recruiters that LinkedIn would be my springboard in building my network and getting opportunities.

While I am still yet to graduate and properly start my career to know the truth behind such promises, I’ve quickly begun to realize that LinkedIn is just as insufferable at times as any other social media site. It’s the same game, just a different name.

I think there are several reasons why I feel like this. The first being while I enjoy posting photos of myself and my life online, there is a certain degree of privacy I prefer to maintain. Privacy is a very tricky thing to navigate on LinkedIn, it seems you must sell out your accomplishments publicly as a means to demonstrate your employability and success.

While I’m aware of the importance of being confident in your abilities and exemplifying this through specific experiences, it should be done strategically and not like a slot-machine like on LinkedIn. Moreover, how effective is posting your micro accomplishments? Is helping you attain the job that you want or new networks and experiences? I have often felt compelled to share my current work simply because that is what everyone else is doing to prove that I am doing something.

While this may sound self-important, I don’t feel the need to broadcast every move I am making, on any platform even if it is Linkedin to prove that I am developing new skills and experiences. That is something I would humbly reserve for interviews and in similarly appropriate circumstances.

Rather than getting the industry insight that I anticipated, my feed is filled with a sleuth of announcements related to promotions or new qualifications with a bunch of employers with hero complexes somehow celebrating their basic human empathy (and getting thousands of likes for it).

We should put LinkedIn under the same critical lens we put Instagram under in that promotes transparent efforts to appear much more successful and in turn happier than you are. That is not to downplay the achievements of people, I am wholeheartedly supportive and inspired by those who snag their dream job or have won scholarships. However, I want to return to why I was advised to join the platform in the first place.

To learn how to get where I want in my career, to follow and connect with people who can guide me in the journey. To get that insider expertise. But for now, I will be reverting to mediums with more substance such as platforms like BSynergetic as well as podcasts and books that have reliably provided that rich knowledge and comes without a side of a bogus ‘professional network’ connection.


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