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By bsynergetic

Featured 19 Mar 2021


When you apply for a job, the first impression an employer has of you is usually your CV. For this reason you really have to be sure that your CV is clear and concise. You should ensure it portrays the best version of you and is specific for a banking and finance application.


Your Banking and Finance CV should only be one side of A4.

  1. Everything you include on your CV needs to add value to your application

Sub headings you should include

a)  Education

b)  Work Experience

c)  Volunteering Experience (non essential and should only be included if applicable)

d)  Positions of Responsibility (non essential and should only be included if applicable)

e)  Awards and Achievements (non essential and should only be included if applicable)

f)  Skills and Interests

Each section should be written in reverse-chronological order.

This means your most recent experiences should be included first, and your least recent experiences last.

If you are still working, that should be included first as well.

Formatting must be consistent throughout the entire document, the font type and size must be the same throughout. Headings should all follow same formatting whether this is underlined, bold or both. Check the alignment of different groups of text. A good practice is to upload and send as a PDF, this ensures the formatting will be consistent for whoever opens the document.

Ensure there are no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. A good practice is to read it out loud as you tend to hear the mistakes easier.

Don’t just say what you did, be sure to include the impact

  1. Eg: Managed a local football team, and took them from mid table to winning 4 trophies in 3 years
  2. This allows the hiring manager to instantly see the impact of your responsibilities

Ensure that your CV is tailored to the firm you are applying to, look at what they look for in their candidates and demonstrate that you have those attributes. Try to use the same key words and language that they put in their job description.

Be sure that you know your CV very well as you will be asked about it during an interview


  1. Education: This should include your GCSE, A-level (or equivalent) results, and all your completed university module grades to date. Include your A-level grades as well as your maths and english GCSE grades. Listing all your individual grades is not required, however, you can include something such as 13 GCSE grades. University module grades should be included as percentages, rather than just ‘2:1’ or ‘2:2’.
  2. Work Experience: This should include any work experience that you have had, no matter when you did it. It can include Insight Days, Work Experience, part-time or full-time jobs, Professional Work Experience Weeks, Spring Weeks, Internships, and self-employment (tutoring). If you are a campus/brand ambassador, also include this here!
  3. Awards and Achievements: This should include any achievements/awards – either in your extracurricular activities, as part of your academic work, or something you have achieved through your work experience. If you are not sure that you have anything relevant for this section, it’s fine to leave it out.
  4. Skills and Interests: This should include things that interest you, or that you are good at, and that you can demonstrate having actively pursued in some way. Try not write down generic information like ‘Travel’ or any basic computer skills (as almost all people are competent in Microsoft Office these days). However, if you have more advanced computer skills such as coding (even if you are still at a basic level), that is welcome!
  5. References: It’s not necessary to put ‘References available upon request’ at the bottom, but you may provide these as part of the application form if you’d like. You will be asked for them at a later date, so make sure that you ask your referees for their permission first.


Candidate Name | 01234 597590 | Linkedin


BA Economics, University of Bristol

First year grade: 2:1 (68%)

Sixth Form

A Levels: Maths (A*), English (A), History (B)

Secondary School

9 GCSEs (A-B), including Maths (A) and English (B) Received School Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish


Optical Assistant, Specsavers

2017-2020 2015-2017 2010-2015

June 2016-Present

 Provide excellent customer service in a high-pressured retail environment, including taking responsibility for handling customer complaints and processing refunds

  1. Coordinate effective management of busy periods with colleagues by arranging schedules and supporting different department teams across the score
  2. Exceeded Christmas 2017 sales targets by 30% through teamwork with colleagues

Professional Experience Week Participant, Coutts July 2018

  1. Shadowed employees in the Private Banking division and gained an insight into client relationships by attending meetings
  2. Took the lead in an interactive case study session to present findings back to a panel of professionals
  3. Developed understanding of how to manage the portfolios of ultra high net worth individuals

Insight Day, Barclays October 2017

  1. Improved knowledge of investment banking divisions and their functions by taking part in group activities and talks
  2. Actively participated in panel discussions and Q&A session with Head of ECM Division
  3. Networked with employees from a range of divisions


Treasurer, University of Bristol Trading and Investment Society June 2017-Present

  1. Responsible for managing and allocating £6,000 budget
  2. Secured additional event sponsorship from companies including Bloomberg and the Economist
  3. Coordinate meetings with 6 other committee members and ensure minutes are recorded effectively

Economics Student Ambassador, University of Bristol September 2016-June 2017

  1. Presented to groups of up to 150 students to promote the Economics course
  2. Conducted department tours on Open Days and answered prospective students’ questions


  1. Languages: English (Native), Bengali (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate)
  2. BSynergetic Ambassador: Selected as a high potential undergraduate to join this programme of professional development
  3. Societies: Active member of university Kickboxing, Economics and Debating Societies

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