Five Things to Avoid at The Job Interview

Helpful tips on what to avoid during a job interview.

By bsynergetic

Featured 19 Mar 2021

A misconception about job interviews is that graduates think recruiters only evaluate their academic performance, work experience, and skills. However, that is true only for the initial phase. Keep in mind that recruiters can overlook your application and hire graduates, even if they lack skills for a particular job.

The first impression is the last. As for job interviews, graduates must present themselves as a professional demonstrating proper behaviour. Several things can go wrong during an interview, which affects your chances of landing your dream job.

Following are the top mistakes to avoid at the job interview.

  1. Dressing Casually Instead of Professionally: Many graduates dress up casually instead of professionally. According to 49% of hiring managers wearing too tight or loose clothes, casual outfits or wearing logos and brands in professional settings is a sign of unprofessionalism. Before giving an interview, a vital tip to remember is to ask your recruiter what the dress code is. Thus, show if you can fit in the company culture, and bring professionalism to the organization by dressing the part.
  2. Arriving Late Rather Than Being Punctual: Punctuality is a desirable trait for your recruiter. It tells them that the graduate demonstrates respect for the interviewer’s time and wants the job. If a person is late for something as important as a job interview, would you rely on them for other important matters? Graduates must make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. In case of an emergency, make sure to inform the recruiter.
  3. Not Smiling and Appearing Cold: Among 39% of hiring managers appearing cold and not smiling is a huge concern. Not smiling gives off the impression that the person is mean. It also tells the recruiter that the graduate would rather be anywhere else. Smiling makes you appear more confident if you are already nervous and shows you are an empathetic person. Recruiters do not wish to hire those graduates who do not have any interest in the job.
  4. Asking Silly Questions or No Questions at All: A common mistake made by graduates during an interview is either asking wrong questions or asking no questions. No questions = zero interest, this is what goes on in the head of the recruiter. An example of wrong questions would be asking questions only about raises, vacations, promotions and benefits. Instead, graduates should ask questions that occurred to them while doing their pre-interview research. Excellent questions also include what an average day in the role you applied for is like and others.
  5. Texting or Answering a Phone Call in Between the Interview: Lastly, checking your phone or answering a call in between the interview is a mistake that graduates must avoid at all costs. According to a survey, 64% of hiring managers say that using your phone in the middle of the interview is probably the fastest way to lose your chances of landing a job. Landing a dream job is easier than you think. Make sure to avoid the mistakes given above; be confident, smile, and not over complicate it.

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