How to get a graduate job in a pandemic

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By bsynergetic

Featured 19 Mar 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, economists predicted that the world is moving towards a significant recession. Many employees are losing their jobs and businesses are shortlisting their staff. It has become increasingly challenging to find employment during this time when they are needed more than ever. With on going competition for graduate jobs, vacant positions are becoming tougher to locate.

Selecting a suitable job for yourself

Surf the web for different jobs according to the field you wish to pursue and explore further. Try other options and consider which position would suit you best. Once you are adamant over your choice, research also upon the dynamic of the job, the nature of it and what challenges you may come across. This will demonstrate a proactive mindset and show recruiters your genuine interest in the role increasing job offers. Submit your CV to the online job website since a lot of employers and recruiters search these websites to find candidates.

Recruitment agencies

Look into recruitment agencies to help you out with finding graduate jobs since they are paid a commission for filling the vacancy for a company. That means they will want you to get a job offer as much as you do.

Online student jobs

Most companies are now switching to a virtual world where everyone works online, be it their homes or offices. For the same reasons, people are looking for remote jobs since as it is safer for everyone at the moment. The smartest move to make at this is to look for jobs online and develop your skills simultaneously. Use your knowledge and talent to provide you with a robust job such as virtual assistants.

There are platforms such as which facilitate students to improve their CVs exponentially and help them gain insight into their personality for jobs that would suit them.

We are, or will be, going through the most radical transformation the world has ever seen; people are justly terrified, excited, depressed, heartbroken and hopeful, all at once.”

Heather Marsh.

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