How to land your first professional job as a recent graduate in 2021

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By bsynergetic

Resource 19 Mar 2021

Finding your first job as a graduate in the United Kingdom is a tense mission, especially in this challenging economic state. It is hectic to hunt for a job, so you better sit and think about your slant instead of running behind it and getting nowhere. It would be best to cultivate confidence, faith, and consistency in yourself to stand out from the crowd.

You might be thinking of what graduate job I should do?

Here are the top 10 tips that can help UK graduates to find their first job.

  1. Concentrate on your Desires

Put yourself together and focus on what you want from your job. Use visualization exercise such as mind mapping where you want to be professionally in five years’ time or draw out a ‘current me’ listing the skills and traits you have positive or negative versus the ideal employee for the job you want to help you identify gaps in your skill set. Once you are clear, apply to relevant departments. Be confident, patient, and goal-oriented to get yourself what you want.

2. Create an Impressive CV

In a CV, you must compellingly put your qualifications and experiences to be decisive for getting hired. Write aiming quality over quantity so that recruiters find you best for the job. Bsynergetic has a plethora of resources to elevate your CV so make sure you have a browse.

3. Consult People Already Working

If you know someone working in a field of your interest, tell them to catch a vacancy for you. Spread the word in your family and friends’ circle to help you look for the right job. Even if you can’t find vacancies this way make a connection nonetheless see what you can offer or what you can learn from these individuals

  1. Expand your horizons professionally

Never stick yourself to only one thing and look for all the opportunities that you can avail. You can get a great job in a company which is less related to your subject, and it is more fun to explore new things.

5. Make a List of Your Skills

Before applying anywhere,

  1. Note down a list of all the possible ideas you have about your career and goals.
  2. Open all the windows for you and consider every option of your skill.
  3. Choose between them and upload your CV to those departments.

Make productive use of your search and look out for all requirements of different companies before applying. Look for startup companies that can give you incredible job offers. If you are a UK graduate, you can hunt for nearby universities and offices to meet your profession.

  1. Create your personal brand online

Make use of online resources that are giving you many prospects beyond just LinkedIn. Many companies work online in the UK to effectively use social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Share your journey, work or passions you never know who maybe engaging with it. Not to mention engage with others too.

10. Get Experience in Your Field

Get full command of your field by learning new ideas regarding your domain. After graduation, you can do internships or read related articles to make your resume notable. Become commercially aware through the help of Bysnergetic.


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