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Resource 19 Mar 2021

What is a situational judgement test?

Situational Judgement tests are a type of psychometric test, designed to assess how you would approach situations encountered in the workplace. Although they all aim to measure your competencies across a range of situations, there is some variation in the SJTs used by employers. You will typically be presented with a written description of a scenario, and will be asked to select an appropriate response. Some will have 3 options, others 4 or 5. Some employers will ask you to rank the options, some will ask for the best and
the worst and some will only ask for the best course of action

Some employers that use this test

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Civil Service
Transport for London

Our top tips

To prepare for these tests:

  1. Practice – Practice is key. Do as many practice tests as you can to familiarise yourself with the format of the tests and the type of responses that are required. We have added some example questions below to help you practice, and there are plenty of free tests online for you to look at
  2. Think carefully about the role and company – look at the company’s values and the skills required for the role you’re applying for, and think about the type of person that they would want to hire. This will help you to understand why they are asking certain questions and to see what they are looking for
  3. Be yourself – although knowing the company’s values can help you understand what the company is looking for, it is still important to remain yourself and give honest answers to make sure you’re right for the role
  4. Make sure that you choose to take the test in a quiet environment with a stable internet connection

Try to identify patterns in your responses – these tests are designed to highlight your competencies, so you should see patterns in your responses that reflect your personality traits. Identifying these can help you avoid making errors in the real assessment and will help you identify what your strengths/weaknesses are.

Try different types of test – to ensure you’re fully prepared try different formats of the situational judgement test. You could also contact the company you’re applying for and ask for some example questions from them to see what the real assessment may look like.


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