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By bsynergetic

Resource 19 Mar 2021

When answering any competency based questions in interviews it is often recommended to use the the STAR method. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. It gives you a structured way to answer these questions. By following these steps, you can be specific in your answer and ensure you include all the important stuff, yet keep it concise and clear.

Situation – briefly give us some background information. Set the scene. E.g. Whilst on a spring internship at Firm A.

Task – what was required of you? Again, this should be rather brief, save the bulk of the answer for the next two. E.g. Our team was instructed to create a ramadan campaign.

Action – this is where you sell yourself, focus on what YOU did. E.g. I found their previous campaigns and researched to find which were the most successful and what made them successful. I pushed for these aspects to be incorporated into our concept. As the creative of the group, I produced the storyboard, whilst another team member produced the copy write.

Result – what happened as a result and how? Did you learn some new skills? Be specific about the results – use facts and figures! E.g. Delivered a four minute presentation as a team to three senior account planners about our advert. They were extremely impressed with our concept and praised us for our originality and innovation.

This is just a brief outline of the star method, you can get a more in depth guide as well as our tried and tested answers answers in our store. The pack contains 5 perfected answers for 5 different strengths. make the process easy by looking at our 5 perfected examples. Use these to guide you to create your own perfect answers.


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