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Become a competitive graduate applicant in 2021.

By bsynergetic

Resource 19 Mar 2021

Picking up new skills and or refining the one’s you already have are essential if you want to stand out in the graduate job market. It also demonstrates a zest for life long learning; a key trait that recruiters look for in applications. If you want to facilitate this further as well as learn how to improve your CV and design your successful career with us head over to to find more information and resources.


Tech is the future and if you don’t have a STEM background it is still not too late to elevate your skillset to become more competitive in this a new IT orientated economy. Udacity offers “nano-degree” courses related to digital skills. You can be web-developers, mobile developers, or data analysts. There are visualisations to get more grip and queries for the betterment of the concepts. Usually, these courses are £150 per course, per month, but they might vary in duration. Remember the tech industry is more than just being great at coding but its important to diversify the way you approach data and problems.


The slogan for Skillshare is “learn by doing”. They offer more than 2,500 self paced classes that cover the domains of entrepreneurship, creative arts, design and technology. Up to 200 classes are unpaid but to gain access to the rest, membership is at around £14 a month. Or you can opt for the yearly membership which works out to £5.99 a month. The diversity in the content it provides truly is Skillshare’s USP. You can be enrolled in a water colouring class whilst also learning how to build a great website. Additionally, if you have skill that you can teach yourself whatever that may be, you can record and upload your own videos and classes and earn some passive income from Skillshare based on viewership.


More than 19,000 instructors with 35,000 courses, Udemy is a Titan in the universe of online learning websites, where you can find the guiding hands of pros to fulfil your skills wish-list. Available courses lie in a wide range of categories like arts, music, business, academics, health, entrepreneurship, linguistics, technology, and fitness. Depending upon on the instructor, free or paid, both courses are available. Pricing ranges depend on quality and intensity but you can find courses for as low as £20. If you have your eyes on a much pricier and more intensive course keep a look out for discount codes often published in news articles such as the Independent.


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